NOVA Chemicals, which won the “Business of the Year” honours at the Chamber’s 2018 Outstanding Business Achievement Awards gala, has been busy working on its $2.2 billion expansion since the announcement of a doubling of its polyethylene capacity was made about a year ago.

The proud Chamber member has marked that anniversary with an update (and a video) that highlights some of the changes that are taking shape at its new Rokeby site in St. Clair Township.

With preliminary work started in late 2017, since then the site has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Highlights include:

—A berm that was built to mitigate sound coming from the future facility.

—Trucks have delivered over 60,000 tonnes of gravel to create roadways and parking lots on-site.

—Rokeby Line was upgraded to accommodate increased traffic volumes.

—The new main access road into the site was built and opened.

—Piling work continues to lay the foundation of the new facility.

—1,200 trees have been planted and a natural woodlot is starting to take shape, designed to recreate the woodland features previously in the area before construction began.

As part of the update, NOVA officials talked about how important staying in touch with the community continues to be.

“Being a good neighbour in our community is an important goal for us. With construction ramping up, our desire to achieve this goal is stronger than ever. Our Good Neighbour Program establishes our specific commitments and actions to manage the impact of our construction activities. We and our contractors are all committed to strategies that proactively consider impacts and opportunities for stakeholders and build positive community relations.”

NOVA officials say they expect to be completing on-site parking lots and roadways and delivering cement to progress foundations. They will also be continuing with tree planting and the beginning of equipment deliveries, including structural steel.

The company has produced a YouTube video, which can be seen below, to show how construction is progressing.