When it comes to visibility of business leaders in our community, it would be hard to miss someone like Kathleen Mundy, even if you weren’t aware that she’s on the Board of Directors of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce.

For starters, Kathleen has had numerous careers, including as a Realtor and, more recently, as a franchise owner of several Little Caesars restaurants in the area.

But none of that happened by accident. Kathleen, who serves as Third Vice Chair in her Board role with the Chamber, essentially bootstrapped her Little Caesars business over the years, having first pledged to herself and others (and then achieving the goal) of opening “five stores in five years.”

She’s also the kind of entrepreneur that delights in sharing her passion for business creativity with others, one reason that she continues making the kind of connections that continue to drive value in others.

In short, Kathleen serves as a model, not only for women in business, but for those who aspire to do great things.

If you know Kathleen (and chances are several of our readers are already connected), be sure to give her a “thumbs up” for all the great work she continues to do.