Shirley de Silva, CEO of the Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce, will be speaking before Lambton County Council next week at its Wednesday, April 4 meeting, presenting both an overview of the Chamber’s strategic direction and a summary of its position aroundĀ a proposal to do away with a property tax rebate known as the Commercial Vacancy Rate.

Details on the Chamber’s position will be presented to Lambton County Council ahead of its meeting next week.

As part of her remarks, de Silva will share with members of County Council on how the Chamber is continuingĀ a renewal process that will help all communities in the County grow.

“Our vision, and our ongoing commitment, is to serve the entire communities where our members will do business, building on a foundation of purposeful initiatives and cooperative actions,” said de Silva, ahead of the presentation to County Council. “When we set our minds to work together, and I’m talking about the business community and those of you who your constituencies have trusted to represent them around the table here at Lambton County Council, great things happen.”