Lambton County’s Covid-19 Recovery Taskforce is hearing the latest switch from Orange/Restrict To Red/Control Severely affected many businesses, especially restaurants. The current situation highlights the overall impact on businesses financially, emotionally and mentally. Costs related to inventory(especially perishable inventory), advertising, wages, and schedule changes all have a cumulative effect.

Lambton County’s Covid-19 Recovery Taskforce has heard from a number of businesses and will seek to work with the province and public health to improve the operational framework governing commercial activity.

Our goal is to provide concrete suggestions that make sense for business, as well as enumerating the costs related to sudden framework changes. We are looking for feedback, suggestions and dollar figures from YOU.

TASKFORCE RECOMMENDED CHANGES TO THE COVID-19 RESPONSE FRAMEWORK (Green/Prevent; Yellow/Protect; Orange/Restrict; Red/Control; Gray/Lockdown)

  1. Response framework changes will provide a minimum of two weeks to enable businesses to respond. Work schedules generally created on a two-week cycle. Two weeks enables businesses to plan and adjust inventory, advertising and operations. An appropriate timeline will greatly reduce the possibility that costly and perishable inventory is wasted.
  2. The Province will provide longer-range framework projections to improve businesses’ ability to plan and respond. Regions to look several weeks into the future and communicate an estimated framework status to local businesses to facilitate improved business response.
  3. Restaurant patron capacity based on a percentage of space like retail merchants, not on unrelated and arbitrary fixed numbers. Restaurants built to accommodate 200 patrons are not viable on 10 patrons. 


Please provide your best dollar figure estimates to the questions below, we’re not looking for an exact to-the-penny accounting.

  1. How much have you spent on PPE and other Covid-19 safety requirements?
  2. What relief programs have you accessed?
  3. How many shifts has your business lost? (If applicable, be specific to the latest colour change)
  4. How hard it is to schedule and bring in staff?
  5. What is your minimum break even point?
  6. What is the dollar figure relative to lost wages and lost revenue? (If applicable, be specific to the latest colour change)
  7. What do you need?

You can send your feedback to