The Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce is in the early stages of developing a series of workshops intended to help members stay current and up-to-date as they deal with ever-changing conditions in business.

Shirley de Silva, president and CEO of the Chamber, says the initiative is needed if members are to stay competitive in whatever business sector they happen to be in.

”It’s been said that if you’re standing still in business, you’re actually falling behind,” said de Silva. “We firmly believe that and are looking to help members effectively compete in this environment.”

The Chamber is already at work identifying resources—local and beyond our community—where members will be able to become even more competitive through various workshops.

Even as we work to put together this series of learning experiences, we invite you to touch base with any specific needs your business may have.

So what are your learning gaps?

We’re interested in hearing from business leaders who are keen to share their own expertise in areas where Chamber members will benefit.

Love to hear from you—by email (CLICK HERE) or by calling (519) 336-2400.

As we work together, we grow stronger, more prosperous and everyone wins.