The Imperial Theatre needs your help! After having to cancel 6 months worth of shows and no clear sign as to when they can resume, the Imperial Theatre is looking for donations to hold them over until shows can resume. To donate, follow the link:

The following is a letter from Executive Director Brian Austin Jr. with an update on the Theatre.

“Hi Everyone, 

We should be raising the curtain on our season opener this week, but we still can’t open… most theatres can’t.

It’s over 6 months since our first cancelled event. We have been developing plans that change constantly because of new information or new rules. We remain optimistic but it is abundantly clear that our industry has been hit incredibly hard and we don’t know how long this will last… 

We have refunded $87,466 since March, with an additional $251,000 in deferred revenue for shows that we had to postpone. That’s over $338,000 in lost revenue. 

We want to return. We want to entertain you, to have our walls filled with creativity and laughter and cheering and celebration again. Theatres are not meant to be empty. The closures affect not only Theatre Sarnia and the Imperial Theatre, but the groups who rent our venue as well. The current 50-person limit for gatherings makes it financially infeasible for any of those groups to resume programming. 

If you have already donated, we can’t thank you enough or begin to describe the positive impact you have made to our organization! We want to ensure that we are here on the other side of this, so we are asking you to consider donating once again! Any amount would be greatly appreciated. All donations are eligible for a tax receipt and will allow us to continue to weather the storm.

For more information contact Executive Director Brian Austin Jr. at