The Federal Government is accepting applications from eligible applicants interested in receiving funding from the Enabling Accessibility Fund, which is intended to help  businesses to improve accessibility and/or safety for people with disabilities. It does so by supporting the capital costs of renovation, construction and/or retrofit activities and the provision of accessible technologies in workplaces and communities across Canada.

The deadline for the current round of applications is July 6, 2017 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

The improvements made must be addressed through renovation, construction and/or retrofit activities or through the provision of accessible technologies, in facilities where people with disabilities work or could work in the future. While proposed projects can address accessibility needs that are specific to one current or future employee, the measures/features to be implemented must be usable/transferable to other current or future employees facing similar accessibility barriers, and must remain with the organization for their use (e.g. an accessible workstation with adjustable counter tops and cabinets with pull-out shelves meets the objective, whereas hearing aids would not).

A full explanation of the program, including a guide that employers can use to determine their eligibility, can be accessed HERE.