The 1st Annual Give Up A Meal Fundraising Event has launched in support of great local charities, featuring Sarnia’s Favourite Restaurant Bracket! 


Give-Up A Meal was designed so that everyone, including restaurants, charities and participants, can win! The name comes from

the idea that if you were to make a donation to a local charity based on what you would normally spend on a meal, you

would make an impact on our community. We encourage all participants to support local restaurants as often as their

budget allows, and hope this event exposes people to a new favourite dining option.


Participants will team up with their family and friends for this peer-to-peer fundraiser to collect donations for their

charity of choice. Each team member can also choose to promote a different restaurant. The more they fundraise, the

better their chances of winning gift cards to some of their favourite Sarnia restaurants!


Since COVID-19 has all but eliminated in-person events, fundraising efforts have been paired with Sarnia’s Favourite

Restaurant Bracket as a way for community members and restaurants to have fun and rave about their favourite meals.


Using a single-elimination knock-out tournament bracket (think March Madness), 32 restaurants have been matched-up

and patrons will decide who is the favourite of each pairing. When voting, patrons may have to reflect on who they been

ordering from the most through COVID, who serves the tastiest meal, or if it’s a real nail biter – they may just have to

order from both places to decide!


At the end of each round, the restaurant with the most votes moves on, until only one restaurant remains – Sarnia’s

Favourite Restaurant.


The bracket is meant to be a fun way to promote and support some of Sarnia’s favourite restaurants. While the bracket

will feature 32 restaurants that signed up to participate, there are still many other amazing places to grab a bite – so

don’t forget about them either!


Like so many people, we’ve participated in the Supporting Sarnia Business through COVID Facebook group and from that

came up with the idea for Give-Up A Meal. Thanks to Rodney and Kendra for creating the space for people to highlight

all the amazing local businesses. A special thank you goes out to On the Dot for being a sponsor and helping deliver all

the marketing materials to restaurants.