Anxiety manifests itself in many ways, from general anxiety disorder to social anxiety disorder. The condition is highly treatable, but less than 40 percent of people who experience anxiety receive treatment.

Anxiety symptoms vary but all types involve the feeling of extreme fear. Many describe it as a constant state of dread. Anxiety can be a state, there are many common disorders that extend past this fleeting feeling. Disorders like GAD, SAD, PD and Phobias are outlined in the following article.

The treatment for anxiety depends on the disorder you are dealing with and can range from medication, to therapy, to natural remedies like exercise, acupuncture, or deep breathing.

Whether you think you are dealing with anxiety or a generalized anxiety disorder, or the feeling of anxiety on a regular basis make sure to incorporate the following habits:

  1. Accept things out of your control
  2. Learn your triggers
  3. Limit your caffeine and alcohol
  4. Eat regularly
  5. Get enough sleep
  6. Move more
  7. Get involved in your community
  8. Seek out support groups
  9. Talk to someone
  10. Take a moment to slow down

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