Sometimes it’s good to “re-boot” and that’s what we are doing with its Membership Perks program.

Thanks to our friends at Starlight Casino Point Edward, who have generously provided the physical cards for this program,  Membership Perks is ready to take the first steps in building a database of discounts offered by Chamber members.

Here’s how the Membership Perks Card program  will work:

—Chamber members will be given one card for every individual employee wishing to take advantage of discounts made available by fellow members.

—Members interested in participating in this program are invited to contact Gail Ann Bondar, manager of Member Engagement and Services, who will then add them to the Membership Perks Card listing, with any discounts or special offers available to fellow Chamber members.

—When a member goes to a business enrolled in the Membership Perks program, the discount or special offer will be applied.

“It’s that simple for building your business with the help of a fellow Chamber member,”  said Shirley de Silva, president and CEO of the Chamber.

The Membership Perks Card launch is scheduled for July 15th, 2019.