In order to reopen the economy, governments across the country must better coordinate efforts to address new challenges facing Canadians. Reopening approaches need to align with the common principles for restarting the Canadian economy, and need to understand the imperative of local governments to design reopening approaches based on their local realities. 

Major employers have identified six critical elements that go beyond the immediate health system response to the crisis, which require alignment of governments across Canada, to sustainably reopen the economy. These six elements are:

  • PPE availability
  • Smart Quarantine Policies
  • Protection for the Most Vulnerable
  • Mass Testing
  • Contact Tracing
  • Workforce management systems

The memo also highlights three critical solutions that require public / private cooperation:

  • Scale testing – creating a national data repository for shared COVID-19 information.
  • Implementing Contact Tracing – having an interoperable system of all Canadian contact tracing to ensure mass testing is effective.
  • Implementing Workforce Management Systems – Canadian employers must adopt a scalable digital software tool for routine self-screening and assessment by employees.

For the full report, click here (PDF).