Proposed legislation in Ontario would pave the way for 24-hour deliveries to businesses. The Main Street Recovery Act, 2020, introduced by Associate Minister of Small Business and Red Tape Reduction, Prabmeet Sarkaria, contains measures to help small businesses rebuild, reinvest and create jobs.

“Small businesses are the backbone of Ontario’s economy, and our government will always be in their corner. Through more than 100 virtual roundtables and discussions with small business owners, their employees, local leaders and economists from all over Ontario, I’ve heard directly about the extraordinary sacrifices small businesses have made to keep their employees safe, their customers confident, and their communities strong,” said Sarkaria.

“Our government is standing with main street businesses, and we remain committed to their recovery and renewed success. We are determined to support them through this pandemic and beyond.”

The proposal, among other things, would permanently allow 24/7 deliveries to businesses including retail stores, restaurants, and distribution facilities.

The proposed legislation was welcomed by the Region of Peel, which has been piloting off-peak deliveries.

“The Region of Peel has long recognized that the regional economy is dependent on a strong goods movement system,” said Peel Goods Movement Task Force chairman Nando Iannicca.

“Peel also knows that our goods movement system is facing strong growth pressures and businesses are becoming increasingly challenged with delivering goods and services to the community. This Bill, if passed, will allow for a timely and consistent movement of essential goods and supplies, assuring the people of Ontario that essential supplies will be available at their drug stores, supermarkets, and other retailers across the province when needed.”