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Business After Five with Blackwell Cycle

January 19 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

TAP – Sales & Marketing Part 2

February 3 @ 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

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” I’m very happy with my membership at the Sarnia Chamber of Commerce.  They have been very accommodating when I’ve asked them for help on certain things especially during this difficult time.  They are always very cheerful and great to work with. “

Karen Callies, About Face and Body

” In these rather dreary days, all of us are trying so hard to find innovative ways to stay safe but still have some fun!  When a friend sent me the link for the Zoom craft beer tasting, I was very intrigued.  I also forwarded it to many other friends.  We were all excited to participate.  It was something different, we could participate in an event and still act as “good citizens” in light of the pandemic.  I immediately signed up – it seemed more fun than most of the zoom events or meetings.  Right off the bat, the staff at the Chamber office (especially Fatema Bhabrawala) were very friendly and helpful.  She answered all our email questions and helped us sign up.  When I picked up my beer – even that exceeded all expectations – very friendly staff, easy parking and the cases were decorated beautifully. I did think what a wonderful gift they would make.  I showed the case off to a few people and everyone was suitably impressed. Even after the beer tasting, I will reused the carton – it will make a wonderful gift.  So even the experience before the actual Zoom was amazing. The night of the Zoom, my husband and daughter participated (and 9 other friends).  Everyone was so impressed with the friendliness, the fun and the laughter.  Allan, the host was wonderful – so animated and enthusiastic.  All the brew masters were wonderful personalities and interesting.  We learned so much, tasted beers we haven’t had (and we usually buy many) and had an absolutely wonderful time.  I know all my friends did too. We went over the expected time, but no one was signing off – everyone was keen and happy to keep listening.  We shared our stories with other people and so many were disappointed I hadn’t shared the link.  It was so wonderful to hear how co-operative all these competitors are.  What a wonderful community we live in!!  I am hoping you host similar events – even 6 different beers in a bit.  It was fun – and when we can’t go out – almost as good. Thank you all for the effort you made for such a great successful event. “

Lori Clancy

” I just wanted to say that I found the Town Hall that the Chamber organized with the Provincial Finance Minister, really helpful. It gave me an idea of gov’t thinking about deficits, support for business, homelessness, and hydro costs for industrial and commercial business. It was great to see so many of our local business people there which shows a strong support for working through this and looking for solutions. “

Helen Lomax, V.P. Enthusiasm

” The team is simply amazing. They were very attentive and pleasant, and it was a pleasure to attend one of the Business After 5 meetings. Lots of valuable connections were made, and even after the event, the follow-up process led us to more contacts and meetings. “

Fabio Bonfim


What does Accreditation mean?

• Strategic focus on core chamber activities.
• Uniform practices, policies across the network.

• Dependable governance procedures.

• A stronger “voice of business” in your community. An increased role in national and international policy advocacy.